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  Iminent Malware and Browser Hijacker

Iminent toolbar is a browser extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome which is used to display emoticons while using Facebook and web-based email products. During installation, the Iminent toolbar changes your browser's homepage to and your standard search engine will be also set to is categorized as a browser hijacker that mainly targets PC users’ browsers. And no matter what browsers you normally use to go online, it can appear on them and won’t get off easily by changing homepages or reinstalling browsers since it has already changed the default settings. Most browser hijackers, like Searchsafer dot com show on your browsers as a common search engine which provides you tons of online information. But the fact is, they are indeed supported by remote hackers. So instead of offering you real searching results, they lead you to hacked places where contain numerous viruses.

To be infected by a browser redirect virus like, a wrong click online would do the job. There are millions of websites and links on the Internet, so you may not be able to distinguish which are real and others are not. But to stay away from those unsafe websites and use certain authorized search engines will minimize the risks of getting viruses. You may want to install another antivirus software to deal with this browser hijacker. But due to the fact that a browser hijacker is created by hackers to collect valuable information, has been enabled to escape from antivirus programs. There
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fore, to completely get rid of it, a manual removal process will be helpful.

How do you delete it? Edit

How to Uninstall IMinent 2013

How to Uninstall IMinent 2013

How to remove Iminent

Here is a video that contains detailed steps just for deleting this virus.